Why Now?

Why connect to the Commons Now?

  • Our current healthcare system is at end-of-life. Care silos that focus on service volumes deliver relatively low value care and lead to high provider burnout. Our current approaches to system transformation can often just “calcify the hairball” - - just hiring more people to manage the complexity isn’t working.
  • Accountable Communities of Health are uniquely positioned to help siloed agencies reorganize around shared goals, values, and resources. Care transformation requires this type of alignment across all community stakeholders: medical, dental, behavioral health, social services, first responders, justice, education, etc….
  • The next generation of community care will use digital innovation to fully integrate health and social services: simplifying and streamlining communication, improving handoff-of-care, providing a shared view of patients, and sharing data to report on outcomes and costs.
  • Communities connected to a Digital Health Commons can integrate every aspect of client care and achieve Healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.

Service - Quality – Affordability - Simplicity


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