Who we are

Quad Aim Partners is a Social Purpose company dedicated to improving the health of communities and advancing health equity. We seek to provide a deep and enduring impact to society by leveraging our innovative technical and human resources capabilities.

At Quad Aim Partners, our goal it to identify, pilot test and scale innovative care solutions that move information out of silos and to the point where care is delivered. We do this by  implementing digital solutions in a Digital Health Commons model. The commons allows communities to share learnings, make innovation costs affordable, and achieve Healthcare’s Quadruple Aim.

Our experience building our own businesses and serving in major public and private sector roles gives us an unusually practical perspective for translating great ideas into long-lasting impact.

Why we serve communities

Today roughly 120 million Americans in the Medicaid and Medicare programs consume 1.2 trillion dollars annually. Despite these incredible and unsustainable costs, sadly many Americans still remain underserved and overlooked for too long.

Communities are uniquely positioned to serve these populations, but aligning and incenting community innovation is a huge challenge. Quad Aim Partners works with communities to align and incent innovation to create affordable community care.

Quad + Aim Partners is here to support your innovation journey towards fully integrated care.

For those agencies and communities connecting to the Commons, we serve as your “in-house” digital innovation experts - - we work at the “grassroots” level to understand your needs, wants, goals, and your community’s vision for success.

We match your needs to the right digital tools, run pilot tests, and verify that innovations work.

We provide group technology purchasing to distribute costs across communities.**

** We are vendor agnostic, and we don’t take sales commissions - - our interests are aligned with your community!!


Start your Digital Health Commons project today!