Digital Health Commons for Better Community Healthcare


Communities are under enormous pressure today to reorganize and coordinate healthcare efforts to sustainably tackle the opioid crisis, behavioral health and chronic disease. These problems are so large and complex that they can no longer be thought of as a medical system problem alone. 

Realigning community resources to address these challenges means first responders, social service agencies, businesses, justice and education all need access to shared data, new care coordination tools and population analytics. This new system is what we call the Digital Health Commons. 

Quad + Aim Partners works with communities to set up the Commons. The Commons operates much like any other public utility. Each community member pays a small membership fee to access the Commons and uses their voice to drive future system improvements. As a member driven organization, the Commons is focused on user friendly, high impact and low cost tools rather than advocacy for any particular vendor or technology. 


Start your Digital Health Commons project today!