Quad Aim = Quality + Affordability + Service + Simplicity

The Quadruple Aim is not just our name, it permeates our thinking and informs how we approach our work. We recognize that the current system is a bit of a "hairball"- a complex and intertwined system made up of heroic efforts on the part of volunteers, first responders, social service agencies and healthcare providers. Poor patient outcomes and high-cost inflation has driven us to an inflection point where dramatic change is required to achieve better value and care outcomes. 

Digital Innovation is the Path Forward:

Digital Innovation is key to dramatic, sustainable change and required for rethinking our current system to achieve the Quadruple Aim. Digital innovation offers communities a better way to share information, coordinate activities and engage patients and families in a better, more sustainable way. Quad+Aim is a community's digital transformation partner. Our job is to partner with you on the design and pilot testing of the right digital solutions that reflect your community's mission, values and goals. We do this while simultaneously holding the digital vendors you select to work with accountable to deliver on their performance commitments they've made to you.

Quad+Aim Digital Focus Areas:

Improved Care Coordination:

  • Enable a shared and linked view of patients across the community
  • Organize information around the patient needs and align to available resources
  • Ensure a coherent view of patient engagement across different agencies, services and facilities
  • Ensure effective and efficient handoffs

Improved Decision Making:

  • Enable a shared view of patient data, services, costs and outcomes
  • Enable better reporting for more efficient allocation of resources

Operational and Financial Sustainability:

  • Create a shared vision for how digital tools can help provide a sustainable future
  • Leverage and connect existing infrastructure whenever possible
  • Agile-case driven innovation-"we nail it before we scale it"

Why Communities Choose Quad+Aim Partners for Digital Transformation:

Digital health transformation is happening now. There are a plethora of technology solutions available, however many are focused on large organizations with significant IT budgets and technical resources to manage implementation at scale. Communities, however, need a different view of the technology landscape. Communities work best when they integrate existing services and technologies rather than going through all the cost, complexity and risk of replacing their existing systems.

Communities Sharing Knowledge Get Stronger Together

Quad+Aim Partners work is sustained by membership dues rather than vendor sales commissions. This allows us to focus on serving the needs of the community rather than any particular vendor or technology.  

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