Introducing the Digital Health Commons

Communities connected to a Digital Health Commons can integrate every aspect of client care

Today, health and social providers in the community work on "care islands" -  - while they appear close in proximity, communication, reporting, and payment barriers make it difficult to track and coordinate care as an integrated team.


The Digital Health Commons streamlines the linkages between health and social service agencies in a community - - replacing paper consents, phones, faxes, and emails to enable timely, effective care coordination and automated reporting.


The Digital Health Commons is operated
by Quad + Aim Partners


How does it work?

  • The Commons connects to your Electronic Health Record, enabling easy exchange and management of patient health information.

  • The Commons is a vendor agnostic platform that integrates multiple best-in-class digital tools into “one system,” simplifying the experience for end-users.

  • The Commons operates like a public utility - - each user pays to access the Commons and uses their voice to drive system improvements. 

Digital Tools on the Commons

  • eReferral
  • eConsult
  • HIE
  • Secure Chat
  • Reporting
  • Patient Consent
  • Remote Monitoring 
  • Analytics
  • Patient Engagement

Everyone benefits when communities connect to the Commons.

“Information at Your Fingertips”


      • Easier access to care
      • Care needs are coordinated
      • Less forms and paperwork

      Health and Social Service Agencies

      • Easier access to records
      • 360-view of individual needs
      • Real-time visibility into available services
      • Better handoff-of-care


      • Population Analytics
      • Real-time visibility into available services
      • Better community resource planning

      Start your Digital Health Commons project today!