Quad + Aim Partners

Business Acceleration Services


Healthcare is in the midst of historic, consumer driven change. From online doctor visits, Fitbits to high deductible health plans, consumer expectations for a modern, digital healthcare experience has never been greater. Quad+Aim Partners is an industry “match maker” connecting healthcare systems to the best startups capable of delivering real Quad+Aim results.


Quad + Aim Partners helps Healthcare's Best Ideas Find the Quickest Path to Market

What is Quad + Aim?

Quad + Aim is a strategic framework used in healthcare to evaluate innovations that are designed to improve care, lower costs, and reduce care provider burnout, resulting in happier patients.

We believe the Quad + Aim framework is key to real, sustainable, healthcare transformation.



Health Systems are actively Investing in Quad + Aim Innovations

If you or your startup needs help raising investment capital, finding paid pilots or key industry contacts, get in touch with Quad + Aim partners and we’ll see if we can help.

Innovation areas we are actively looking for are:  

  • Smart Clinical Workflows and Content
  • Cloud and Security
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Analytics/Learning Systems (Internal Development and Outsourced)
  • Telehealth (Primary and Specialty)
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Performance Benchmarking