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"To understand what happened today, analyze data collected today"

Coordinating care and social services for adults and children has become one of the fastest growing and most complicated challenges facing communities today. Medicaid’s expansion in 2014 significantly increased the volume of people able to access clinical and social services however care coordinators have become increasingly burdened with complicated case loads and providers remain disconnected from each other making service delivery inefficient and expensive. Many communities, including King County's Familiar Faces project, now see the need to connect services together and build new care coordination services and workflows to ensure community members can get the services they need and resources are invested wisely:     

Quad+Aim partners with communities to strategically apply information technology and innovations to increase affordable access to services while closing cracks that exist between healthcare and social services.


Quad + Aim Certified Community Solutions

Community Solution 1: Care Coordination

Community Solution 2: Non-emergent home care

Community Solution 3: Automated Document Management for Legal Aid Providers

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What is Quad + Aim?

Quad + Aim is a strategic framework used in healthcare and social services to evaluate innovations that are designed to improve care, lower costs, enhance provider job satisfaction resulting in happier consumers.

We believe the Quad + Aim framework is key to real, sustainable, health and social service transformation.


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