Healthcare Business Acceleration


Quad + Aim Partners helps Healthcare's Best Ideas Find the Quickest Path to Market


Healthcare is in the midst of historic, consumer driven change. From online doctor visits, Fitbits, to high deductible health plans, consumer expectations for a modern, digital healthcare experience has never been greater. Quad+Aim Partners is an industry “match maker” connecting healthcare systems, investors and commercialization professionals to the best startups capable of delivering real Quad+Aim results.


What is Quad + Aim?

Quad + Aim is a strategic framework used in healthcare to evaluate innovations that are designed to improve care, lower costs, enhance provider job satisfaction resulting in happier patients.

We believe the Quad + Aim framework is key to real, sustainable, healthcare transformation.


How do I Get Started with Quad + Aim Partners?

Send us a brief description of your company, the market you serve, what makes your product or service great and how you plan to protect your IP.  A representative from Quad + Aim Partners will get back to you to see if we can be of assistance.

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