About Quad + AIM Partners


What does Quad + Aim do?

Quad + Aim helps healthcare startups find and hire commercialization professionals and connect to investors, customers and strategic business partners also committed to achieving healthcare's Quad + Aim Goal.

How does Quad + Aim know if the startup can deliver Quad + Aim results?

Quad + Aim follows a strict evaluation process for each start up we work with to ensure our goals, values and incentives are properly aligned. This evaluation process takes significant time (similar to investor due diligence) and we only work with startups approved by our clinical and business advisory board. 

How much does Quad + Aim charge for its services?

The evaluation is no cost to the startup and we do share what we learn about the opportunity from our due diligence checks. If we do decide to work together, each Quad + Aim professional hired by the startup generally works up to ¼ time. If the startup is pre-financing, our fees can be deferred until financing is secured. 

How long do Quad + Aim professionals stay engaged with the startup?

We look for opportunities to work with the startup from idea to exit. At a minimum, our professionals remain engaged with the startup until agreed business milestones have been achieved or the startup has reached sufficient scale where full time professionals are needed to deliver future business objectives.

Does Quad + Aim help only Seattle Startups or do we work nationally?

Our mission is to help the best ideas find the quickest path to market regardless of where they are located. That said, we prefer working with startups interested in building their business in our beautiful PNW region.

How do I get started with Quad + Aim Partners?


Send us a brief description of your company, the market you serve, what makes your product or service great and how you plan to protect your IP.  A representative from Quad + Aim Partners will get back to you to see if we can be of assistance.

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