About Quad + AIM Partners

What does Quad + Aim do?

Quad + Aim works with managed care communities around the PNW to accelerate innovation for delivery of better connected, integrated and affordable health and social services.

Who are the Quad + Aim Partners?

The Quad + Aim partners are PNW state agencies, research centers and provider groups that care passionately about the health and well being of families in our communities. Our partners include: WA State Governor's office, University of WA CoMotion, Premera, Kent Fire Department, Oregon Health Sciences University and Oregon Health Leadership Council.

What is a Certified Quad + Aim solution? 

Quad + Aim certified solutions are innovations that have been tested and certified Quad + Aim by UW's Primary Care Innovation Lab and approved by our Clinical and Business Advisory Board to take to market. This testing and approval process takes significant time and expense to complete (similar to investor due diligence). We only take products and services to market that align to our core mission and values as a public benefit corporation.  

How does Quad + Aim make money? 

Quad + Aim is a self sustaining, public benefit corporation based in Seattle, WA.  Quad + Aim collects annual service fees from each solution we deliver to the community.  

Does Quad + Aim help only PNW communities or do we work nationally?

Quad + Aim is committed to delivering certified care innovations to all communities regardless of where they are located. That said, WA State is our care innovation laboratory and our intial market focus is the PNW region.

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