Opportunity for Our Region:  UW is #4 in Health Research Funding


Top NIH-funded U.S. Univeristies 2014 - Infographic by Brand G Creative, LLC.

Top NIH-funded U.S. Universities in 2014

1.  Johns Hopkins University

2.  University of Pennsylvania

3.  University of California - San Francisco

4.  University of Washington



Seattle has great healthcare innovators but is falling behind

We have great ideas BUT...

  • Underfunded from Day One

  • Lack of Founders with deep entrepreneurial experience

  • Lack of industry experts signing up to advise, mentor and connect

  • Not enough large paid pilots to help with credibility

  • Shallow A and B round funding relationships

Where we are failing...

  • Angel Investing

  • Startup Weekends

  • Mentoring

  • Accelerators

  • Ecosystem Analysis

  • Government Support


The Solution

Align/Incite Expertise to Help Best Ideas Find Quickest Path to Market

(Place Infographic here - ask Rob for Better Quality)