Healthcare System Shopping

Health System Goals

  • Build an "Air Traffic Control System" for healthcare which will be comprised of "dashboards and care team coordination" to manage care population.
  • Recruit more "Young and Healthy Customers" to generate revenue and lower costs
  • Deliver better and more cost effective solutions for "Acute and Chronic Care" which includes "Nurse with Time and Spreadsheet" to deliver more cost effective care
  • Incorporate better work/life balance for physicians and nurses to prevent "burnout" which included better "Telehealth Load Balancing Solutions" to deal with volume.

Why It Matters

  • Consumers get only $ .36 of value for each $1.00 spent.  Health systems understand this and are working hard to course correct.
  • Fee for value is 15 to 20% of revenue mix today - expected to grow to 50 to 60% in the next two years
  • Health Systems will need to compete harder for business in the future and need better CRM solutions to deliver patient-centered care across the system.

Who Will Pay for it - and How

  • EMR spending is expected to decline to 20% of budget while 80% will go to new (non-EMR) vendors
  • As Capex drops, annual operating costs relative to IT will increase (look for more SaaS/Cloud/Mobile offerings
  • Smarter investments made in telehealth (primary care, mental health, radiology, ICU and other specialty care areas) will help with margins